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Niger Seed

The Niger Seeds (binomial name :Guizotiaabyssinica) is an erect, stout, branched annual herb, grown for its edible oil and seed. Its cultivation originated in the Ethiopian highlands like northern Shewa, some Amhara regions, most Oromia regions and regions which have a cool or subtropical climate within 500-1000 millimeters of annual rain. Today it has spread to other parts of globe including India. India’s total Niger seed exports is around 60% worldwide. Niger seed is basically used as a bird feed. The major importers of the Niger Seed are EU, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Niger Seed is counted among the highest oil yielding oil seed.

Niger seeds nutritive value of common foods per 100 g of raw ingredients: 35 percent fat (39gm) ,18 percent protein (24gm) , 18 percent fiber (11gm) , 12 percent moisture (4gm), Energry(515Ecals),Mineral(5gm),Carbohydrates(17gm),Calcium(300mg), Phosphorous(224mg), Iron(57mg).

Because of this composition, Niger is especially popular in Ethiopia as raw material for production of food oil and its byproduct for domestic animals food and a winter bird food, when birds require foods with more oil and higher calorie content so they can store fat to survive colder temperatures. The protein in Nyjer is also useful for regenerating feathers when birds molt in the late fall and early spring.

Niger is a great seed to offer finches and other small seed-loving birds. By understanding why this seed is so popular, it is easy to offer it in the backyard and enjoy the different colorful and energetic birds it attracts.

We keep our stock at moisture content around 9% to prevent insect and or disease outbreaks in storage. Usually our storage system carefully fumigated and cleaned before storing the stock and all storage areas we have monitored regularly to identify potential problems early. We often pack at the time of sales in 50kg package system but it might vary depend on the demand of the buyers.