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Castor seeds

Ethiopian Castor seeds are a type of oil seeds, with a thousand seeds weighting from 100gm to 1kg. Castor needs a subtropical or tropical climate with 400 millimeters (16 in) of annual rain. They can be grown in a temperate climate but yields will be much lower. Because of its deep tap root system, chickpea can withstand drought conditions by extracting water from deeper in the soil profile.

The main castor producing areas in Ethiopia are Amhara and Oromia regions; seed has different colors like red, black or speckled. And the total yield of these two regions is more than 80% of the country’s total production. Castor has very high value in use: castor bean can produce castor oil, industrial chemicals and biological energy. The three main use of castor oil:

First, high-grade lubricant: our castor oil has special stability, it has oil contain of 40-60% per 100gm of castor seed, it doesn’t solidify at -18℃ and doesn’t deteriorate and burn at 500~600℃, so castor oil becomes the most important lubricant for aerospace; it is also good automobile brake-used oil.

Second, important industrial chemicals: our castor oil contains near 90% of rabinolic acid, which makes castor oil becomes the important raw material of modern chemical. Almost all products made from petroleum can be made from castor oil, but many products made from castor oil are not able to be made from petroleum. There are no less than 3000 deep processed products of castor oil, nylon-11, colors and varnish, pest-sides, sebacic acid and 12-hydroxy stearic acid etc. have been widely used in such High-tech industries as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, military, communication, machinofacture and fine chemistry etc.

In addition of the above two the third and most important use of our castor seed is, it is the most promising biological energy: as continuous increasing scarcity of world petroleum resources, people pay more and more attention to energy utilization of castor. Castor will be the most promising biological energy because of its high unit area oil production, wide adaptability and because it doesn’t occupy fertile farmland which is good for growing grain crops and cotton.

We keep our stock at moisture content around 10 to 12% to prevent insect and or disease outbreaks in storage. Usually our storage system carefully fumigated before storing the stock and all storage areas we have monitored regularly to identify potential problems early. We often pack at the time of sales in 50kg and 25 kg package systems but it might vary depend on the demand of the buyers.